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Our Mission

When your company faces an IT challenge or Cyber Security event you have to choose a consulting firm that brings an unmatched depth of real-world experience. We employ only consultants who have amassed skills that come from a multi-faceted and focused work history. In addition, our firm is committed to staying ahead of the technology and cyber security curves that so often blindside businesses.


Whatever your business is facing, we guarantee to give a fresh perspective. It’s this insight, coupled with innovative, long-term solutions, that helps you meet and exceed the most aggressive company goals and expectations.

Our Story

CSP-IT was established in Dallas Texas, with a target audience of small businesses. We have found a true niche solving one of the largest problems that these businesses have ever encountered: balancing cost and ever-changing technology needs. Our business goal is simple: to provide routine yet cost-effective outsourced IT services and excellent project-based support to small businesses in the DFW and the surrounding markets.   CSP-IT allows small businesses to obtain enterprise-level service at a small business price.  Some of these services include installing and maintaining network services including firewalls, routers, switches, servers, printers, e-mail systems, virus protection, and desktop hardware and software along with cloud services. 

I am the President and Co-Founder of CSP-IT; a technology company that helps you apply technology to improve performance and compliance. We have expertise in Healthcare, Legal, Oil & Energy, Financial Services, Accounting, Engineering, Architecture, Construction, and large Non-Profits.
I am a Best-Selling Author in Cybersecurity, and for 30 years, I have been helping businesses develop strategies to analyze, manage, and overcome the ever-changing technology challenges they face. A central focus has been cyber security and regulatory compliance across the markets we serve. My experience includes preventing, detecting and responding to hackers and threats. Thus ensuring that your organization is safe from invasions while simultaneously meeting regulatory compliance.
During my career, I have advised clients on effective – and cost-effective – approaches to developing infrastructure that fosters productivity and profitability. My work has provided me with a broad-based knowledge of business from the inside, with an expertise in areas that go beyond IT alone, ranging from strategic planning to cloud computing to workflow automation solutions.
As an entrepreneur who has worked successfully with startups to Fortune 500, I am also well aware of the unique hurdles that small and medium-sized enterprises face in assembling their business technologies. So, I understand the imperatives of a budget, the need for efficiency, the demand for flexibility, and the value of responsiveness.
In the end, my goal as a technology professional is simple: To help companies leverage their existing IT strengths for improved performance, mitigate compliance risk; and to make sure that bad things – hackers, malware, ransomware, and the like – don't happen to good businesses.
If you are looking to improve your IT support, cyber security or compliance posture, please call or email.

Experienced Leadership

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